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when a man with facial hair drinks coffee, and it causes their mustache smells like old coffee.
Before John kissed Susan, John turned to the side, tilted his head downward, puckered his lips and flared his nostrils so that he could check for coffee-stache.
#adjective #coffee-stache #stinky gonzalez #stinky-stache #musty mustache #coffee beard
by o0ill0o March 02, 2012
When an egotistical and pretentious prick continuously uses a vast and extravagant vocabulary to intentionally make others feel uncomfortable and insecure.
John showed up to the party and made a point to use every new word he learned this week. Though John is both lazy and of average intelligence, he wanted to give everyone the impression he was in fact a smart and capable fellow. The truth is everyone knows what a gloss-assery hole he can really be at social functions.
#gloss-assery hole #gloss-assery #know-it-all #arrogant #gloss-hole
by o0ill0o March 02, 2012
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