9 definitions by o)O picasso

satan's big PLAN....
what a fag

o_O what the fuck is wrong with you fuckin people?
by o)O picasso January 08, 2005
something tehCIA did to people turning them all into hippie arseholes and now all of the hippie arseholes are doing to the rest of us
the goal being satanism.....
by o)O picasso January 08, 2005
a Satanic cult with a shit load of LSD in both fists unleashed on the public by the CIA in a scheme to destroy Christianity by brainwashing the masses into "thinking" they were part of some new revolutionary counter culture movement and new age religion
all in all it's pure evil conceived of by nazis
by o)O picasso January 08, 2005
demons summoned by occultists/satanists such as disciples of Aleister Crowley (or however you spell that sick fag's name)
they did this alot during WWII both in Nazi Germany and America
by o)O picasso January 08, 2005
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