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when someone has a high squeaky or homosexual voice, they have baby nuts.
sen dogg you cant rap from the guts
and b-real soundin' like he got baby nuts
by o'shea April 08, 2003
when someone does a really huge titty twister on you and rips the nipple right off your breast(acle)(s).
boomer: shit, thats the 6th atomic titty twister ive gotten today, im going to run out of pepperonis damn soon if this keeps going on.
by o'shea April 08, 2003
A dude widely regarded as pussy by everyone. He pays a lot of money for a haircut and thinks he can get any girl he sees.
"Yo man, why you actin like a Sohrab!"
by O'Shea July 24, 2015
you jab peoples cheeks and make them look gay with your rocket(shaft)
ive got a rocket in my pocket!
by o'shea April 08, 2003
The conservative cowboy who has a good go-it-alone policy, screw the UN because they are retards anyway. In addition, he is the man who saved the US from the Heinz king and his homosexual lifemate, Johnny-boy Edwards.
George W. Bush is the best cowboy.
by o'shea April 28, 2005
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