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3 definitions by o'riyley

1 - Web Cartoonist
Author and evil mastermind of Something Positive. Randy, or RK, has been posting the comic "alot" since December of 2001. The first comic featured anti-hero Davan sending his ex-girlfriend a hanger as a gift for her baby shower. Randy is well known for his dry wit, merciless take on life in general, and handing out bars of soap at various conventions. In his self bio, Randy is described as a money-laundering elf or fairy, who is often found napping and occasionally transforms into a merkat.

See also: Davan, Aubrey, PeeJee, ChooChooBear, Something Positive
Christopher B. Wright agrees: you, too, should give money to Randy Milholland.
by o'riyley June 08, 2005
15 5
(adj.) a condition of mild-obesity and temporary loss of sense or logic. often accentuated with spontaneous songs sung off-key and rosy cheeks or nostrils. derived from 'loopy' and 'lumpy'.
You know Rick is a little loompy when he sings "Hey Jude" while standing on the kitchen table.
by o'riyley August 08, 2005
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Creator of Sluggy Freelance, and all around pioneer of web-comics. Pete has managed to post a new comic daily since 1997, and has collaborated with comic creators Ian McDonald and Clay Yount to further expand the Sluggy Universe. Creator of icons Torg, Riff, Zoe and Bun Bun Pete has been the impetus of modern web comics and inspired many in the field to begin their own works. He irregularly appears in his own comic as a glowing avatar, and has been known to feed his minion Shirt-Guy Tom to rabid, puffin-dingos. SluggyFreelance, and by extension Pete Abrams, was awarded the Epic Shortbread of 2004 by WebSnark (and by extension Eric Burns).
Pete Abrams unique style of esoteric goof lends the appropriate atmosphere to immortalize a trio of Generation Y slackers.
by o'riyley July 07, 2005
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