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-says "blyat" before starting every sentance
-ends sentances with "nahuy"
-parents stay up in the kitchen with their friends drinking...later than youll stay up in your whole life.
-eat;kapusta,kapchonka,perog s makam, borsh, salad olivye, and ookrayeenskiy tort.
-guys have bad acne
-wear crosses too much if they are a rooskey
-get kicked out of the jcc
-dont go to temple anymore
-see a friend at a store like....marshalls.....t.j.maxx....or cohoes.
-never look for anything thats not on sale/ clearance
-buy 5 dollar tops and then try to get a discount because there is a mark/rip on the shirt.....
-purposly look for clothes or marks on stuff that they can fix when they come home and still get a discount for
-buy something, replace it, and use the old tag from the old thing
-like to go to disco-techs....even if they are 50.
-go to gayass new years celebrations at some russian restaraunt or apartment party house with an old russian guy singing balalyka.
-bad accoustic guitar music that all sounds the same.
-alla pugacheva.
Russian: blyat, i went to T.J Maxx and rip off...i paid 2 dolla fo that top...it has hole! they give me no discount nahuy!
by nyushenka November 21, 2006

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