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Originated from Adventure Time episode: Season 4, Episode 6 Beyond this Earthly Realm; when Ice King makes his monologue into the TV

Its when someone makes a long rambling or speech or some sort that is confusing or pointless, and mostly directed to themselves. It is most often a very trippy speech.
Guy 1: What is the meaning of life, do we all just live to die? What purpose do we specks of grain against the surface of this great blue circle possibly have to with our own fate?

Guy 2: lol wtf bro

Guy 1: oh sorry bro just wizard talking to myself
by nyoung64 June 29, 2012
A game where two or more men put honey or other adhesives on their hands and take turns slapping each other's wangs.

The game goes on until someone's hand gets stuck on another's penis. He is then declared the loser.

The penalty must be decided before the game and could be anything from streaking in public to giving hand jobs to homeless people.

For the rules it is suggested that pube shots are not allowed.
K, guy, lets play Slap Dick, no pube shots!
by nyoung64 July 01, 2012

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