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a discharge of neuromuscular tension at the height of sexual arousal that is usually accompanied by the ejaculation of senem in the male and by vaginal contractions in the female ,usually knonw as an orgasm
-the best feeling in the world

as he gently moved up and down, and in and out of me in became so aroused, that i began screaming "HARDER, HARDER! DEEPER! FASTER! OH BABY!" he began to thrust harder and harder say"YOU LIKE THAT?! YOU WANT I HARDER?""YES, YES! DEEPER! I WANT YOU DEEP INSIDE ME!" he went harder and harder on me ontil he couldent get any deeper; it was the best thing that i had ever felt "YES, YES, YE-OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH (i climax)" i was the beast moment of that night and i still remember it like it was yesterday.
by nyob what my name is September 14, 2006
to hold cuddle, kiss, caress,ect. what you do brfoer sex to get in the mood. Ü
as we lay on the bed we fondled eachother. he strokes my brests and slowly moved his lage hand down my smoth body, while i played with his balls and rubbed his fat dick.
by nyob what my name is September 14, 2006
to have sex with soneone you love
we were in our limo on our way to our honeymoon suite. as we were ancshiously waiting; we began to agressivley make out. in the heat of the monent we began stripping. He had the biggest dick that i had ever seen, and he gently laided it on my leg. then he began to gently stroke my breasts. i was so arroused that i genly began to massage his penis; i could feel it getting harder and harder. when his dick had gotten really hard enough, i knew that it was time to enter me. i began to shout "FUCK ME BABY! GIVE IT TO ME! I WANNA FEEL YOU INSINDE ME!" i didn't care that the limo driver could her me (to be honest, i forgot about him) we got into position, and he put his 12 inch dick into my vagina. as he gently moved up and down, i was yelling "HARDER BITCH, HARDER, YES, YES, FASTER, HARDER! DEEPER! YES!" we began to twist an turn (he was still inside of me of course)utill i was on top. as i moved back and forth; we began moaning and i twisted i his nipples. Then he sat up and we did the 'Black Bee'. this went on for 30 minits until he wanted to 'stick it in the back'. so he lubercated my ass with a rim job and bagan to gently move in and out of me yelling "WHOS YOUR DADDY" then he cummed and it was over. We had mad love. he could tell that i wanted more, so he gave me a trigasm. my man sure knows how to make love, and i love him 4 it!
by nyob what my name is September 02, 2006

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