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A loud flatulent or hard gas.
1.Dude, I just beefed in my pants again.

2.Have you ever seen The Pelican Brief?

You mean, 'The Pelican beefed! hahahah
by NYkid420 February 26, 2010
A combination of the words skank, twat, and cunt. The worst thing you could call someone.
She wouldn't let Chris come to the hockey game.

Wow, what a skwunt.
by NYkid420 November 26, 2009
Spiced rum such as Captain Morgan or Sailor Jerry...
I ran out of Coke and started drinking pirate ale straight from the bottle.
by NYkid420 January 06, 2010
The act of vomiting into a woman's vagina while performing oral sex on her.
I went down on Betsy last night and her cunt smelled so bad I ended up giving her a twice baked potato.
by NYkid420 February 20, 2010
A dick fart. A man queef.
A:Man, I think air just came out of my dong...

B:Dude, you just threw a zight!
by NYkid420 February 26, 2010
a highly intoxicated state of being.
After my 7th shot, I ascended into hammerdom.
by NYkid420 January 06, 2010
...vodka, club soda & a splash of cranberry juice.
I was so hungover, the only thing I could drink was Burly Temple's.
by NYkid420 January 06, 2010

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