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A slang term referring a person's pockets, usually the front pants packets. This is taken from the perception that union workers stand around with their hands in their pockets instead of actually working.
It was cold outside, so I shoved my hands in my union gloves
by nyjyrk September 30, 2010
Long thin plastic ballons used as noisemakes iby fans at sporting events, usually in cities that don't have fans who can make real noise (See Los Angeles Angels).
Man #1 - "Why did all these Angels fans bring their dildos to the game Today?

Man #2 - "They're not dildos, those are those stupid thunder sticks. None of them can cheer properly, so they smack those things together"
by nyjyrk June 17, 2010
Military slang term for coffee primarily used in the United States Marine Corps.
Before my next guard shift, i'll need a pot of lifer juice to stay awake.
by nyjyrk January 17, 2010
When a woman has a moment of pure rage caused by her menstrual cycle.
Angie had a red carpet moment when I left the toilet seat up
by nyjyrk January 17, 2010
A military term used to describe either your feet or boots. The United States Marine Corps will hump (or hike) for several miles instead of traveling by a vehicle.
The Hummer is broken down, so we'll have to hump it using our primary mode of transportation.
by nyjyrk April 15, 2010
A bill or law passed in a blue state as it is only something a liberal would support.
California just passed another blue state special making it legal to marry your dog.
by nyjyrk April 15, 2010
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