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"A hairstyle characterized by a large clump of hair in the middle but short on the sides"
"I asked my barber to give me the old Blago"
by nycesq January 27, 2009
1. The mass government sanctioned slaughter of pigs in direct response to fears of swine flu.

2. The slaughter or culling of swine populations due to irrational fear of swine flu.

3. The slaughter or culling of swine populations due to cultural biases against pork based upon religious beliefs. The slaughter of such animals alleged to be justified due to concerns about diseases such as Swine influenza but really based on deep rooted religious biases or prohibitions against eating meat from pigs.
The government of Egypt has ordered the destruction of all pigs to stop the spread of Swine Flu. The actions will result in Hamageddon for Egypt's 400,000 pigs.
by nycesq April 29, 2009

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