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"The line, crease or mark left on a persons forehead as a result of wearing a tight hat"
Looks like you have a bad case of "autopsy head".
by nycesq January 27, 2009
A term used to define a room or area that smells really bad.
"Don't go into the bathroom, its Stink Central"
by nycesq February 23, 2009
1. A release of excrement from a faulty or overloaded child's diaper.

2. A term used to describe a fart that has escaped all attempts to keep it contained under a comforter or blanket.

"It was a real nightmare, we had a major containment breach, our boys diaper failed to hold and we had to throw out his pants."

"Hold your nose there's been a containment breach. I could not hold it"
by nycesq February 23, 2009
A term used to describe the following:

1. The consequences of a negative or evil deed that seemingly come right back (like a boomerang) to cause trouble for the person.

2. Something that comes back to haunt you.
"The rumor that Jane spread about Vicky was a real Karmarang. Vicky found out and Jane is in real trouble."

"I would think twice before stealing that. It could be a real Karmarang."
by nycesq February 23, 2009
1. A question as to one's sexual preference as between male (snails) or female (oysters) from the movie Spartacus (1960).
2. A reference to male or female genitalia.
3. An invitation to bisexual behavior.
"Do you like snails or oysters?"
"My taste includes both snails and oysters"
by nycesq February 02, 2009
1. A group of attractive women who are on the prowl for male meat.

2. A group of attractive women.

The definition is derived from the Italian word braciole (commonly pronounced "/bra'zhul/" from the Sicilian prononciation) that refers to an Italian dish in which pieces of meat are rolled into sausage like wrappings. The slang term is often used to refer to male reproductive organs.
Hey man, look at that group of girls over there that is one hot "brajole patrol".
by nycesq July 31, 2009
The period of time following an extremely unpopular president during which the opposing party maintains control of the presidency. The "Carter Effect" represents the collective institutionalized public animus and national fatigue evoked and often associated with an unpopular president which creates a bias and passion against voting for candidates from the same party.

The term is associated with Democratic President James Earl Carter who was very unpopular following his presidency. It took three presidential terms or 12 years before the negative feelings that a majority of Americans had for Carter's Presidency subsided to the point where the nation was once again willing to elect a Democratic president. Today a majority of Americans rate Carter's executive performance significantly higher then when he left office. (LS)

Presently the country is experiencing the "Bush Effect" a time in which feelings regarding the Bush Presidency have left significant numbers of Americans feeling upset with George W. Bush's Presidency and unwilling to support any Republican candidates.
"The Carter Effect" left it difficult for Democrats to regain control of the White House for 12 years.
by nycesq June 24, 2009

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