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1.)The most Ghetto high school in the Hudson valley.

2.)the site of a movie called the Sisterhood of the Night which will be released in 2013.

3.)The cockroach capital of the world. The cockroach's population that mainly reside in the main building, that some students feed by leaving food in their classrooms or in the hall.

4.)The home to an excellent music department, and the Kingston High school Tiger Marching Band, the state champions of 2012.
1.) Kid from Rondout,"Damn those Kingston High School kids are ghetto"

2.) Cool kid "That school in the movie looks pretty cool, I wonder where it is"

3.) kid 1 " Ewwww, I just found a twizzler on the stairs!!!"

kid 2 " its probably for the cockroaches"

4.)I LOVE BAND!!!!!!
by nyan-nyan-nyan-woof? November 01, 2012

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