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-the lyrical genius of our time.

-can be compared to Justin Bieber

-a major component in the deteriorating world of pop music.
"Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after...wards"

- Friday by Rebecca Black
by nxt2yoshi March 17, 2011
The rules for this game vary among areas and college campuses throughout. There are a few definite rules that are followed in every game regardless of host, but House Rules are the major factor in determining the rules to be followed.
Some basic universal beer pong rules include:
1) bounce cups are worth 2 cups (ball can be blocked).
2) guys finger, girls blow.
3) 2 re-racks per team, per game.
4) same cup is worth 3 cups and balls back.
5) both teammates making a cup is balls back.
by nxt2yoshi August 14, 2011
Facebook's bitch.
seriously, who uses Myspace anymore?
by nxt2yoshi May 12, 2011
Don't mess with it.
Don't mess with Texas.
by nxt2yoshi October 16, 2011

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