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5 definitions by nw

Momentary hallucination induced by many days of no sleep while using amphetamines. Commonly witnessed by automobile operators driving long-distance road trips at night.
While tweaking and driving the truck driver said, "Oh Shit! Did you see that? Wait...it was only a meth monster."
by NW December 01, 2002
43 16
Motocross Racing in a smaller dome than a supercross that just has the basics: Starting gate,whoops, step on step offs, triples and rythym sections.
it is a 4 lane track
Goon 1: Look at Ricky Carmichael go through the whoops!

'a' class rider: hey dipshit thats darcy lange

Goon 1: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
by NW July 28, 2004
8 4
Idiotic male who prostrates himself for the pleasure of another man because he suffers from retardation.
shut-up fuckboy
-yep you're a fuckboy
by NW January 26, 2005
146 148
Trashed on ecstasy.
He was so googed he didn't know what day it was.
by NW May 05, 2003
2 12
Racial slur for Germans.

Referring to the Holocaust.
"My Jewish grandfather would always say those Germans ain't nothing but Jew Killers.
by nw May 22, 2004
58 90