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Hancock Park is an area in Los Angeles, CA. It is an affluent area surrounded by the streets of hollywood. Although Hancock Park is a beautiful neighborhood, there is another side that is all too apparent.

The HP kids. These teenagers seem to stalk the neighboring streets looking homeless and "strung out"\
The children that used to be the 11 year old skateboarders infront of blockbuster have now succeeded their older sisters and brothers.

The HP kids take a lot of pride in their hometown, making sure everyone knows what HP is and what it is all about.
It is said to have 4 immediate generations starting around 2006
The 3rd and 4th generation are still around a lot and it keeps getting scarier.
These kids have a lack of parenting, respect, and common sense. They do not care who you are, they own that neighborhood as if its gang territory. I wouldnt bother trying to mess with them or you will have a bunch of screaming teenagers in your face and the weird part is i wouldnt consider them posers bc they will handle their shit. Lastly, they mob deep and rarely like to leave their community bc they dont find anything better. They sit on curbs on the street doing questionable things and not seeming to show any concern for the trouble they could potentially get into. HP kids.
Boy 1: "Hey are there any kids from hancock park here?"
Boy 2: "No they are all in HP. This party is too clean."
by nvmunow March 17, 2010
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