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a guy that sets a friend up with a girl. Said girl is usually a strong contender for an easy lay, solid hookup, date or relationship. The pussy broker (PB) acts as a matchmaker or pimp of sorts. This negotiation is discussed with the friend ahead of time and the PB gets a favor of some kind that usually involves sexual exploitation of said setup (like pictures of the girl naked or a video of sex with said girl). Bonus Points are given if said girl is an ex-girlfriend of the PB.
"My buddy did a great job as my pussy broker this weekend. He set me up with a real freak and all i had to do was take a picture of her tits!"

"I really need to get some ass. I need to call up my PB and see who he can set me up with."
by nunzio19 July 22, 2009
Law used when trying to estimate how many "dicks" the average girl (not a cum dumpster) has been with. To properly use the law, start with age 17 and add 1.5 dicks for every 3 years until you reach girls current age. When rounding is needed, always round up.

(Age - 17) / 3 * 1.5 = # of Dicks (always round up)
Matt: I just started dating this new girl
Joe: How old is she - how is the law of dicks looking?
Matt: She is 28 so I bet she is at 6 dicks
Joe: Not too bad, hope she knows what she is doing.
by nunzio19 October 05, 2009

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