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2 definitions by nunshavingfun

An extremely handsome White teacher with a girlfriend who often tilts her head in pictures. One who likes potatoes, shepard pie, and having a lisp but it's cute though. All female students love a Mr. Potato head and make shrines of him in the cubby closet. He is usually blonde.
Hi I'm mithter potato head. I am nery nithe and I play thoftball. I don't get mad at thomas I jutht laugh at him.

Oh my god, The new substitute is a total Mr. Potato head
by nunshavingfun July 24, 2009
7 11
A male teacher who is sexy, smart, strapping, stupendous, Smiley, and has an awesome beard and big eyelashes. Wears flip flops. Is cool. Is a huge tease
"Awesome flip flops Sally"

"thanks Mr. awesome"
by nunshavingfun July 27, 2009
1 8