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Native Americans would say this back when the pioneers where just settling in Arizona. Because of the pioneers bloodlust they used code to let other natives know where or not it was okay to travel on certain pioneer streets at night.
Depending on how the street was allowed for someone to say Streets Ahead, Streets Behind, or Streets just fine.

For the modern day usage, streets just classifies if something is cool or not. A clever way to judge someone without them realizing what you are talking about. Just like the Natives of old.
Olden Day:

"Little bear, this is streets is behind."
"Someone told me this street was just fine."


"This is streets ahead and we will be just fine traveling home buffalo hoof."
"Look out wolf heart! This street has surprised us!"
"What did that injun say?"

Modern Day:

"Man, my homework really sucks."
"Streets ahead little bear."


"This book I'm reading is streets behind."
"Let me see that."
"Well, what do you think?"
"This street is just fine, your the a-hole thats streets behind."
by numpers October 28, 2010

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