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The act of eating an apple or other fruit out of someones anus. Could be an emergency result of ill planned masturbatory explorations, or could be the finish to a night of kinky partner sex under the influence of tan mdpv.

"Help, I thought this was a good idea!"

(regarding other fruit: especially a mango. this gives one +3 points... with sticky rice on the sacrum and coconut creme on there dripping down)

"Actually having a mango eaten out of my ass sounds pretty hot... wtf? +3 points nonetheless"

Can be used to describe punishing someone for not understanding the need to listen to Fiona Apple's music as a release valve for emotional pressure... said someone needs an apple in their ass.

Can also be used to describe being pegged by Fiona Apple...

"and pop an apple in his ass" - Flight of the Concords
We had just finished training the dogs, and then I gave her a fiona apple.
by numinous_cloud February 10, 2011

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