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A term used by fucking losers who have no idea what the hell the internet or computers can be used for.
"Yo g, i wuz surfing the web last night and found some tight sites on moose spread"
by numbah one amish skanksta August 26, 2006
a tasty delicious treat designed to bring out the flavor of moose, often eaten by Ukrainians who often put it on everything they intend to consume. Made out of the following: 4 giant mooses, dirty socks, artificial thickener, may contain traces of beaver.
"God DAMN that's good moose spread!" the Ukrainian said to his Amish neighbor
by numbah one amish skanksta July 20, 2006
To blow ones load into a random starngers hair.
"I wuz walkin down da street and sum asshole jizzed all over mah hair. I got guicar'd. Yo"
by numbah one amish skanksta August 15, 2006

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