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A car which, contrary to mainly US opinion, does not exist and never will exist.

F2 (Formula 2) was an inferior level and a stepping-stone to Formula 1 - to name a car this would be idiotic, especially by a company that is a Formula 1 team.

For the past few years, McLaren was concentrating on the SLR Mercedes.
"The McLaren F2 doesn't exist, you stupid fool."
by numb_nuts June 21, 2005
Used to describe pre and post-ejaculate leaking from the urethra, affectionately called the jap eye.

Resembles a Japanese man crying.
"oh shit, I've got a weeping jap!"
by numb_nuts June 21, 2005
Slang term for pubic hair. The word is taken from the name of a yoghurt which is sold in tubes rather than in pots.
"Taste my frubes"

"I got my frubes caught in my jeans"
by numb_nuts June 21, 2005
Something that is disgusting to look at or smell. Derived from the fact that the female genitals do not generally look or smell good.
"holy crap, that looks fuckin gash!"

"you smell gash, take a shower"
by numb_nuts June 21, 2005
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