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(New Zealand slang)
1. a sight-seeing journey with no particular destination in mind.
2. taking the scenic route to a destination.
3. to wander aimlessly.
The rellies came over for a visit and I took them on a tiki tour of the city.

We took a wrong turn at Huntly and had to tiki tour through the wop wops to make it back to Hamilton.
#kiwi slang #tiki #tour #new zealand #walkabout
by null device July 22, 2008
Something prejudiced people say when they're called out on their prejudice. Smacks of tokenism and hypocrisy.
Person A: You can't trust those goddamn crackers.
Person B: Don't be prejudiced against white people.
Person A: Don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are crackers.
#racism #prejudice #bigotry #hypocrisy #token
by null device January 21, 2007
a) Eyes to which a large amount of dark eyeliner has been applied. Often seen on goth chicks.

a) When a person has prominent bags under the eyes.
I have panda bear eyes and a hangover.
#panda #eyes #goth #tired #makeup
by null device February 18, 2007
A general term for any ungainly or comical dancing style. Usually characterized by a lack of coordination, rhythmic sense, grace or poise. The name derives from the supposed lack of dancing ability amongst white people.
Nigel: I'm hitting the dance floor tonight.

Jen: Bust out your white boy shuffle Nigel.
#whiteboy #white-boy #white boy #dance #shuffle
by null device February 03, 2013
To get someone in trouble or put someone into a bad situation. The phrase is a euphemism for "drop you in the shit."
Annoying co-worker: "If you don't stop surfing porn I'm going to drop you in it with the boss."
#drop #you #in #it #the #shit
by null device May 28, 2008
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