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The codename for the mutant Pietro Maximoff, who possesses the power of super speed. (From X-men) He is known for being cocky and arrogent about his abilities, and is the most awesome cartoon character in existance.
Quicksilver ran to the store to buy a box of ramen noodles.
by Nuku May 26, 2004
A very nice beach near Poipu on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.
We went for a swim at Nukumoi Beach.
by nuku March 07, 2005
To force another member of the IRC channel you're in to ban the person being g33d3d.

Ban: to bitchslap.
nuku is going to g33d white.
by nuku May 04, 2005
A very important member of the ev-nova.net community who murdered nuku more than once on IRC.
Tech caught up with Guest for the most posts.
by nuku March 06, 2005
A member at ev-nova.net who has the most posts at the current time.
Guest had a Radom™ war with Techerakh.
by nuku March 06, 2005
1. The most important member of the ev-nova.net community, who is also the admin of Nukuland, Nukuland 2.0, Nukuland 3.0, Nukuland 4.0, and Dodohaven AK.
2. The maker of Nuku's World/Box.
3. Developer of the EV Nova TC, Hostile Waters.
4. Mod of the forum for Hostile Waters.
Nuku pissed DS off on IRC.
by nuku March 08, 2005
A very importmant member of the ev-nova.net community.
Verb made some very good radom™.
by nuku March 06, 2005
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