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Walking into the bathroom and looking into every single stall before determining which one is of the highest quality for your dump-taking.
Mindy: You took an awful long time in the bathroom!
Kate: Yeah, it was a mess in there. I had to do some serious stall shopping.
#poop #potty #bathroom #stall #toilet
by nukid1 November 01, 2010
Standing outside a locked door until someone either comes through it and lets you in or comes up behind you and allows you to slip in behind them. Common practice in the college dorm setting.
Tom was going to let Anna into his dorm, but she had already door mooched her way to the third floor.
#college #dorm #mooch #wait #stairs
by nukid1 September 19, 2010
Actually getting out of bed. Used to distinguish from waking up.
Brad: When did you wake up today?
Anthony: I woke up at 10 but I got up at 11:30
#got up #woke up #sleep #morning #difference
by NUkid1 January 15, 2011
The condition that occurs when a person makes a statement that is clearly meant to be followed with "...bitch" however they opt not to say it.
Karen: Hey Dawn! I heard you and Jake are going out again? Oh god, that's not gonna end well.
Dawn: Hey Karen, don't act like you know my life.
Karen: Are you sure you don't mean to say "don't act like you know my life, BITCH?"
Dawn: It was an instance of implied bitch. As is this.
#bitch #swear #sentence #phrase #angry
by nukid1 November 04, 2010
A method of cleaning that involves taking all the clutter off the floor and putting it away from view (most typically in drawers but sometimes in closets, bins, etc.) without really doing anything to resolve the mess.
Bob: You cleaned up! Wow, your room looks great!
Eric: I didn't really clean...check the dresser. Floor to drawer method baby.
#clean #room #dirty #messy #cleanliness
by nukid1 November 16, 2010
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