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Anti-Juggalo Oligarchy;

Against those who call themselves "juggalos" or "ninjas" normally claiming they are being themselves or individualistic, despite doing everything they are told to do by two high school dropouts in makeup. You will recognize them by the familiar stench of B.O. and stale cigarettes. They are almost literally walking diarrhea people.
Their mission is to highlight juggaloser buffoonery by way of trollz whilst utilizing logic. something they know nothing of.

A juggalo will typically bitch and whine about imaginary "haters" and cause problems in the community regularly. The JH is merely a collective of individuals who have taken notice of the juggalo gang and choose to fight it-- by LAUGHING at them.

This has proven to be quite effective, as it takes virtually no effort to expose the idiocy of the juggalo gang since they pretty much incriminate themselves. Hopefully this will make them realize their gang isn't taken seriously and society has taken note of their hebetude.
But if it doesn't, in the end we all still have something to laugh at.

Clowns are MEANT to be laughed at.
The Juggalo Holocaust is a fool catcher-- and the juggafools fell for it!
by nuketheclowns March 19, 2013

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