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1. To leave in a hurry.
2. To drop the control rods into a reactor core. Originally coming from the acronym Super-Critical Reactor Axe Man coined during the original testing of reactor design using graphic bricks as a moderator. In the event of a highly supercritical reaction, the axe man would cut the ropes causing the rods to be fully inserted and supress the neutron flux and thereby drastically reduce the fission rate and rate of heat production.
3. (slang) To turn something off. Derived from the above and used primarily by nuclear engineering majors or nuclear operators in the Navy.
1. Po-po's man, let's scram.
2. The reactor scrammed on an automatic protective feature.
3. My computer started smoking so I scrammed it.
by nuke_eo July 31, 2005
1. The home of Charles Manson and the Manson Family.
2. An electronica band. The song Rationale off of their 1998 album Beat Noir is featured in the move Boondock Saints.
Why the heck are so many great musicians naming their bands after fucked up shit --like Spahn Ranch-- great beats, but named after the Manson place...
by nuke_eo July 31, 2005

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