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1. One word. One revolution.
The act, sight or idea of two boys being close and touchy-feely which may or may not even be purposely insinuating homosexuality, but regardless, has the ability to turn groups of emo girls (and myself) into a rabid, orgasming, flesh-eating mob.

OMGZ STROKES-BOYTOUCHING UNDER TEH CUT +5 hgvuvboevlkjn;pjhre!!!!!111

by nuivheovhlshv98 December 31, 2005
Basically the best insult ever, as popularized by Dane Cook.
You glass bastard... you glass bitch.
by nuivheovhlshv98 December 29, 2005
A bastard who is acting assy.
May or may not be homosexual.
"God man why are you being such a little assy bastard today?"
by nuivheovhlshv98 December 29, 2005
He who has face like cow.
Gangly, orthedontically-unfortunate, deformed-looking sonofabitch.
See also overbite.
Jesus I would never go out with that fucking cowface wanker.
by nuivheovhlshv98 December 31, 2005

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