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where you lay flat on your chest on the ground, enjoy yourself and allow yourself to enlarge your penis. Then you pick yourself up with your boner, much like a push up
alex: i did 400 cock push ups last weak
ted: you must be tired
alex: are you kidding me?! my cock can go on your hours
by nud ronoc January 31, 2005
one who likes the cock, and/or enjoys riding the penis. you only refer to gay people as cock mongol's, or large sluts.
that faggot nick amen is a cock mongol
by nud ronoc January 31, 2005
revolutionary leader for america
A.K.A. - G Dubs
known for his deisel work in the revolution, although he lost at the battle of new york he lead us to vitcory at yorktown and helped break away from the british.
G dubs was mad deisel
by nud ronoc January 31, 2005
a state that america would trade to canada for a kilo of hash
washington sucks like a french whore
by nud ronoc January 31, 2005
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