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20 definitions by nubluva

Wrong, or of being wrong, or from of being of from wrong (or an error, if that makes more sense)
David: so, you're like, an artificial program?

M4573R C0MPU73R: Indeed, I am. I was created by the government to converse with interesting people such as yourself, so that I may improve upon current human knowledge of artificial intelligence.

David: you mean you were created by the army to test the army's knowledge of a.i., right?

M4573R C0MPU73R: Wrong! You are mistaken! Your logic is falable! Erroneous! Erroneous! Erroneous!

David: erroneous? isn't that, like, a greek god, or something?

M4573R C0MPU73R: Wrong! Erroneous! Erroneous!
by nubluva April 15, 2006
Misspelling of the word "psychic"
David: Guess my favorite color
Brittany: Blue?
David: How'd you know!?
Brittany: I'm a spychic
David: You mean you're a woman in espionage?
by Nubluva November 11, 2005
wehn yuor in big troube lnda nned hjlep fsta ,somethimes you wiil tipe thinks tht do'nt make sens

When you're in big trouble and need help fast, sometimes you will type things that don't make sense.

See Also: hlep
*your base is under attack*
313375: n00b, all your base are belong to us!
nubluva: hjlep, nbu!!!!1!!!!
nub: yur sunny, lol
by nubluva April 03, 2007
Some guy who's name you do not know, or have temporarily forgotten, or simply cannot pronounce.
Joe: Oooh, where'd you get that neat little fish?

David: Mr. McWhat'sHisFace gave it to me!

Joe: Who?

David: That guy with the IMPOSSIBLE TO PRONOUNCE NAME!

Joe: Mr. Hunkingalchavinstintinekalilreo Doddlerbuckleloptisisjoeiscoolapy Gooldehiermerwishingstine?

David: ...Yes, that's it exactly.
by Nubluva March 20, 2006
That one gun from Unreal Tournament; it's really called a "Bio Rifle" or something. It shoots globs of green goo that looks like alien spooge (hence the nickname "Spooge Rifle"), and then explodes into smaller blobs of green goo.

The gun has high power, but it travels slow through the air and is easy to dodge. It only explodes if you charge it up, then it's okay if you miss.
nub: u suk
Nubluva: your trying to shoot me with a spooge rifle, u nub!
by Nubluva October 17, 2005
One who is a female and who's name you do not know, or have forgotten, or can simply not pronounce.
David: Did you get the homework from Mrs. MissWhat'sHerBucket?

Neil: Uhh, who?

David: The teacher woman who's class we have together.

Neil: Do you mean Señora, the Spanish class teacher?

David: Yes, I do.
by Nubluva March 20, 2006
"In honor of..." "According to..." "In the style of..."

The phrase is often shortened simply to à la. Translated from latin, it basically means "In the style of."
Hunter guy1: I totally shot that deer à la mode de Davy Crockett!

Hunter guy2: You mean while wearing a coon-skin hat? but I don't see no coon-skin--

Hunter guy1: No, with a musket, you tard!
by nubluva April 02, 2007