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A nub that fails so epicly at gaming that he is given the title nub gypsy. It also means a person without any arms and legs who is just hopeless.
SEE nub.
A: WTF who just got triple kill?!
B: Hahahah you got ownded with my 1337 hax!@
A: OMG You fucking nub gypsy!!
by nub64 February 02, 2011
The rant one has when he/she discovers that his top of the range expensive item was not covered by insurance when his/her house exploded.
A: Wow, what was that big rant about
B: He was having an insurant because his new 64 GB iPhone 4 was not covered by insurance when his house was bombed by a terrorist
by nub64 May 15, 2011

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