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An insult suggesting that someone is not only sub-standard, but that he is incorrect by thinking that he is even up to par. A play on delusions of grandeur.
Clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, Carl nonetheless suffered from delusions of adequacy.
by ntvnykr October 06, 2006
One who tries to live in the modern world and make use of technology, but is still basically stupid or ignorant; or one who is colossally stupid, ignorant on grand scale, a sort of überidiot, perhaps the very stupidest person in the world. Formed by combining the term global village with village idiot.
Did you see the way that Richard used his digital camera to take a picture of his computer screen so that he could make a hard copy of the report he wrote? What a global village idiot.
by ntvnykr October 06, 2006
the particular brand of Islam practiced in prisons as well as the tendency of some inmates to convert to Islam while in prison.
We should be less concerned in America about moderate Muslims and more concerned about the radicalizing influence of Prislam.
by ntvnykr October 06, 2006
Reference to the genetic composition of those who are generally considered to be stupid, ignorant, or crude. Refers to the view that above-ground pools are inferior, tacky, or déclassé.
Would you look at that knuckle dragger...he definitely comes from the above-ground gene pool.
by ntvnykr October 06, 2006
One who is exceptionally stupid or ignorant, a moron on a grand scale. Formed from the German word über as in Nietzsche's concept of the übermensch in Also sprach Zarathustra. Used recently conjoined with other adjectives, as in über cool, übersexy, and über moron.
It takes that überidiot an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes.
by ntvnykr October 06, 2006
To go Flintstones is when you ride somewhere in a car with two couples and the guys sit in the front and the girls in back, ala Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty. Some women find this arrangement to be degrading.
Hey baby, when we drive to Vegas next week, can we go Flintstones so I can talk to Chad?
by ntvnykr October 11, 2006
A nuclear weapon possessed by an Islamic country, or more specifically, the nuclear weapon developed by A. Q. Khan of Pakistan.
A. Q. Khan is considered by many to be the father of the Islamabomb
by ntvnykr October 06, 2006
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