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1. a gulp, not just a sip

2. when a nigga asks you for a drink of your drank, and he takes a big ol' gulp of your shit and leaves you with almost nothing left

3. when some janky little kid on the playground is thirsty, asks you for just a sip of what YOU'RE drinking, so you give it to him, and he drinks the whole damn thing in one gulp - with his back turned to you or while you're not looking, most likely
Don't let John take a sip of your drink, he'll take a nigga swig.

Go on get you some of this in you, take you a nigga swig.

Can I have a drink of your soda? I promise, I won't take a nigga swig.

You can have a sip... but don't be nigga swiggin my shit.
by nsmbfan December 01, 2010

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