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1) An extremely undesirable or unpleasant situation.

2) An occasion or situation where only bad things are expected to happen, or a situation that is expected to become progressively worse.

3) A monumental clusterfuck.
I have to go to the dmv tomorrow... it's gonna be a real shitfest.
by nrs August 13, 2005
Another name for a Ford Focus.
John drives a Fuckus.
by nrs January 28, 2005
a dirty, shit on, old mattress
We found a shattress behind the motel.
by nrs March 11, 2005
To complicate or overcomplicate such that the actual act, issue or reference is obscured beyond necessity or understanding.
Why did you fucking script and photoshop and imageready and fucktify everything on that site?
by nrs January 28, 2005
The process of obtaining food, followed by consumption of alcohol.
How about doing a grubohol tonight? I'm thinking Sheetz and Arrogant Bastard Ale.
by nrs December 02, 2005
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