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only one feeling in the world cannot be defined by others. only you know what it is. only you know when you have found it. it varies for everyone, but when you do find it, NEVER let it go.

it's rare. it's special, but most of all, it's beautiful. when you are in love, no one can take that from you. you think about him constantly. he causes you both the greatest joy but also the deepest sorrow: when you are together - time flies by too quickly, when you kiss - time stops. when you are apart, you feel the deepest, most painful agony, because all you want is to hear his voice.

you dont overlook his faults. you acknowledge them. and you embrace them, too; because without these faults, he wouldnt be the amazing person you have found.

you wonder what he is doing, how he is doing, and you think about him before you sleep, when you wake up, and you dream of him

it's hard to tell when you're in love, because it's often mistaken for lust, but when you are in love, you will know. no one else will know excatly how you feel, but you dont care because knowing he is there is all that matters.

you know you are in love when you can admit it to yourself. if you say "i think i am in love" you're not. you're in love when you can look inside yourself and say "i am in love" and mean it with all of your soul.
1. i thought it was love, but i soon found out that what we had was simply lust.

2. i love you
by noxin March 23, 2006

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