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3 definitions by noway

In death, wizards of great power are sometimes able to turn themselves into liches. A lich is a skeletal, undead creature, whose magical powers can only be matched by its malevolence. The process of becoming a lich is very painful, but those who are powerful enough to become liches willingly undergo it: Liches are totally immune to any sort of mental attack, poisons, diseases and suchlike. They can also channel magical energy much easier than humans or any of the normal races, making them deadly adversaries. Liches are often seen leading great masses of lesser, undead warriors.
What exampe am I supposed to give?!
by noway November 10, 2003
74 21
when a girl is giving a guy head and she bites/twists his penis while it's in her mouth
I got a rank tully twister from some random girl last night.
by Noway June 17, 2006
21 9
1. to be in the process, or condition of, examining whether a delve into Punjabi culture will be beneficial.

2. One who is adept at Mario Kart. Presumably on Nintendo 64.

3. "Souf Jerzey Girl" sic
Radhika appears to be riding rather dirty.
by Noway June 11, 2006
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