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a chink resembling a giant, ugly, stupid douchebag sack of shit.
im a big fat idiot.
by Nour August 23, 2003
ok, i read most of the people's definition here, well first i'm actually on nobody's side i think both, that hilary duff is good and bad. well her music are nice, and also at the same time she changed a lot after she got a deal in the music business, and its obvious that she got it because she was famous already , but the songs that she sings, most of them are nice, its true that some songs; their lyrics are not well written . i mean there are much better lyrics out there. however its not only her
(hilary duff ) that is like that , most people that are becoming singers and are actors at the same time are like her , and you know who i mean lindsay lohan , ashlee simpson , and i prefer to listen to people who sings live, cause lets just all admit it here , now most artist sings the same way the song is , i mean that if the singer is moving a lot their voice have at least to sound tired cause they're moving and singing at the same time, and not always, always singing the same way , everwhere , unless you're hearing the music video , and honestly i can tell if the singer is lip synching or actually singing live , and most people can tell too, cause its easy to tell and know. Anyways, hilary duff already mentioned that without her sister and her mom , there would be no her and thats true because her sister started acting and singing first and hilary wanted to do that , so yeah . i dont really hate hilary and i dont really like her, i just think that most of her songs are nice.
your good, your bad, everyone is something
thats the world, people could have things , other cant and have to work hard at it . (hilary duff, lindsay lohan, ashlee simpson <---- artists that most people talk about, figure out why - its your opinion)
by nour December 30, 2005
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