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A person, usually male, who pretends to have more money than they actually do as part of some twisted mating ritual. This will normally consist of owning a car they can not afford, spending outrageous amounts of money at clubs and overdressing, usually in clothing pursuant to that of a hustler, mobster or high-rolling gambler portrayed on television.
Did you see how much money that floorflusher spent at the casino? He only makes $8.50 an hour, and what was with the outfit? Does he think it's 1977?
by notsurewhyweneedthis February 22, 2010
The smell produced by people who have recently been eating a lot of food from Taco Bell or any other mexican style food product.
Oh man, he's putting off some serious crocho smell.
by notsurewhyweneedthis February 16, 2010
When a person, sometimes despite having a home of thier own, wonders from place to place wearing out their welcome and burning bridges along the way without returning to thier own home. These places typically consist of the residence of friends or distance relatives. A person suffering from this affliction will often discard cleanliness and, when female, will sleep with countless partners as long as drugs and shelter are provided.
That girl has stray cat fever worse than her mom did. Give her a couple beers and she's ready to move in. How are we going to get rid of her.
by notsurewhyweneedthis February 21, 2010
A term used to bring gutter humor to any conversation about the popular series of books and movies titled "Harry Potter" generally assumed to be refering to ones genitals.
David: "Susan, do you want to go see the new Harry Potter movie with me?"

Susan: "I'll show you MY hairy paughter."

David: "I'll show YOU MY hairy paughter."
by notsurewhyweneedthis May 26, 2011
A person who is left behind when someone such as a parent, child or spouse leaves town unanownced and leaves behind unsettled responsibilities and/or debts.
Yeah I haven't heard from HER in a few days, I've heard a lot from her MOM and her BILL collectors, but not from her. It looks like I'm the bagholder.
by notsurewhyweneedthis December 13, 2010
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