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3 definitions by notshown

1. n. considered the "original" campaign world of Dungeons & Dragons. It is currently enjoying a renaissance as the setting for a worldwide "living" campaign wherein many talented amateur writers contribute to its continued development.

2. v. in role-playing games, esp. Dungeons & Dragons, the act of stripping every potentially valuable possession from a defeated foe or a room for the purposes of collecting the maximum amount of treasure and ensuring key items are not left behind. Comes from the Living Greyhawk campaign, where the amount of treasure that can be carried from one adventure to another has a strict upper limit but conceivably no lower limit.
1. As a campaign, Living Greyhawk has its limits, but sometimes, as Canada Bill once said, “it’s the only game in town”.

2. OK, we greyhawk the room. What’s behind the next door?
by notshown August 25, 2005
13 3
n. something that should be difficult to accomplish, even for a skilled and talented person, yet is easily blundered through and successfully completed by the most incompetent individual, usually by dumb luck. Named for an unskilled gentleman with a knack for accomplishing the above on a pool table.

v. the act of successfully completing a difficult task with relative ease, esp. when the person in question lacks the skill to accomplish said task.
Hapless poll player: "I don't believe you left me behind the 8-ball again!"
Snarky pool player: "What are you talking about? It's a kosmo!"

Observer: “That was a hell of safe.”
Pool player: “It doesn’t matter. He’ll just kosmo it and run out.”
by notshown August 21, 2005
6 8
n. in billiards, a legal shot that leaves the cue ball in a bad position for the opponent. This can usually only be overcome through application of skill or a kosmo.
"I played him as safe as I could, but I know he'll just kosmo his way out."
by notshown August 21, 2005
6 12