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1 definition by notroublenofuss

1. A doobie that doesn't smoke right.

2. A Blue Jay with massive breasts.

3. A penis (aka Johnson) with Erectile Dysfunction.

4. Mixed up lyrics for the song "Boss DJ" by Sublime.
1. Damn, I was so baked last night. I tried to roll myself another joint, but when I lit it up, it turned out to be a busty jay.

2. I got high at my friend's house this afternoon, and when I was walking home I saw this beautiful busty jay.

3. I was dating this dude for a while, but once things started to get freaky, I found out that he had a busty jay, and I was like, "I'm done with you."

4. "The busty jay, he ain't nothin' but a man.. No trouble no fuss..."
by notroublenofuss July 22, 2009