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Longhill is a small town in New Jersey that consits of many old people and some really obnoxious conformists, wanna be rich, losers. There is only a few people in Longhill that are worth interacting with, most of which living in Stirling on on Long Hill Road itself.
People in Longhill do not hang out in Longhill because Longhill police are completely fucking insane.
Kid one: Yo, you wanna hang out in Longhill?
Kid two: No, are you on drugs?
Kid one: Yeah, yeah I am.
Kid two: Alright, we should go to bridgewater and get more.
Kid one: You think?
Kid two: Yeah, all the weed in Watchung sucks.
Kid one: Yeah, besides that one kid.
Kid one: Yo, who would have his number?
Robot: What are you kids talking about.
Kid one: That kid with the weed in Watchung.
Robot: That old one?
Kid two: YEAH MAN! Dude, did you know you were a robot?
Robot: Yeah, it's a lifestyle choice.
Kid one: Alright.
by notmyrealname69 April 24, 2009

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