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Typical mexican name of a spicy mexican guy. His ability to steal girls hearts is unbelievable and irritating. He is easy to spit with his dark, spiky hair and dark eyes. Typical traits of a Fernando is being a douche, player, and popular lady's man. He can get any girl he wants without even trying. Though when facing the rare rejection, he turns to spreading shit. Don't be the one to reject the Fernando
Girl 1: I went to a party and lost my virginity with this guy I just met... He was so wonderful and I love him and I want him and OMG I forgot to ask his name!

Girl 2: no need to bother asking, that was a fernando
by Nothingbutthetruth December 10, 2012
Someone who preys on drunk girls and shits in your toilet without flushing. Also, even if there is deodourant there they refuse to use it. The never wash their hands and cook disgusting meals. They often have overly loud voices and are obnoxious.
Andrew is a bumdick. He took a shit on this girls floor because she refused to have sex with him.
by nothingbutthetruth February 02, 2007

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