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A text message sent by someone to try to stir things up, but when a response is made, no further messages are sent.
Similar to a drive-by shooting because after the assailant has disappeared, the victim is left riled up and frustrated.
Girl (out of the blue): "Haven't missed a beat have you?"

Guy: "What makes you say that?"

An hour passes with no response

Guy: "Drive-by texting?"
by notbait February 16, 2010
One who has a difficult time placing emails in the deleted file and an even harder time emptying the deleted file because of the finality of the action. They are afraid they may someday need one of those emails (although they never will)
At the time of this posting, I have exatly 6000 emails contained in my inbox. I am an email packrat!
by notbait January 14, 2007
this is an acronym for the phrase, Never On Time But Always In Time. It refers to the idea that everything does not have to happen just so. Sometimes you have to allow for flexibility. Punctual people do not like the idea of notbait. If an event starts at 7:00 and you get there just as it is getting underway at 7:10, you are not late, you are notbait.

Just in time. Having something ready, not when they WANT it, but just before they NEED it
the train is leaving in 5 minutes...why isn't Dave here?
Don't worry, he'll be here. He is Notbait.
by notbait May 16, 2006
The 2010 version of The Daytona 500 that was delayed for over two hours because of a pavemet failure on the track that occured mid-race. The race was eventually resumed after everybody lost interest from watching a road repair crew work on patching a hole on the sport's biggest day.
Dave: Hey, how'd you like The Daytona 500?

Bill: Oh, you mean The Pothole 500? I went home after the second red flag came out!
by notbait February 15, 2010
A video message left when the intended recipient is not at his/her webcam.
Alexander Graham-Bell--"Hello Watson! you were supposed to turn on your webcam!! Let me know when you get this vmail."
by notbait July 07, 2011
(pronounced "fuh•bee'•mail"): Using the facebook messages feature to communicate with someone.
Dave: Hey man, I sent you a fbemail.
Friend: Ok cool. I'll check it.
by notbait November 15, 2010

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