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Often, people who play the powerball lottery have a sudden rush of blood to the head and proceed to check their lottery tickets several times before either slumping dejectedly to the floor or leaping up and down uncontrollably screaming "I got the powerball, I got the owerball!".
Unfortunately that leaping up and down often causes the sphincter muscle to relax, thereby allowing whatever lurks inside to leave suddenly only to be caught in whatever clothing the person is wearing in that area.
That is known as a powerball squidger.
Alan Turnip, of Yoder, is our own local Powerball winner. Alan will be with us in a little while after he's dealt with his powerball squidger.
by notalottogiotto February 05, 2010
People who have something good happen to them should be happy and fulfilled, have some purpose in their lifel and prove that life is good and they can spread the goodness around.

But some of them blow it because they can't control their reactions to their good fortune. It all turns to shit and their life is therefore more crappy than it would have ever been if they didn't have that really good luck happen to them in the first place.

Someone like that is a shitbritches.
For a while there, Britney Spears was a pure shitbritches.
by notalottogiotto March 10, 2010

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