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Only the most painful thing a young individual can go through, up to and including shitting out lego.
Unreturned love, for those of you with a less poetic nature!
Person 1: Unrequited love hurts more than shitting out plastic bricks.
Person 2: You've shat plastic bricks? You sick bastard!
#lego #love #pain #shit #heartbreak
by notachav January 19, 2006
This word comes from little England, where there is a place called Battersea Dogs Home. Used when one sees a dog-ugly girl.
English Chav 1: Brair, check out that biatch over there! (forgets to breathe and asphyxiates)
English Chav 2: Yeah, blad! She's from Battersea!
#ugly #fugly #minging #dog-ugly #chavism
by notachav January 19, 2006
This is the ultimate achievement in a student house. A houseful of students drink beer and try to build a full size throne from the empties. Has to be cans, as bottles dont stack well. Extra credit goes to any house who drinks the beer requirement in a night.
They built a beer throne at Jamie's house last night!
#beer #drinking games #chair #throne #students
by notachav June 05, 2006
2 people on a 1 person bike
Fam give me a doubbie to the block
#wheelie #pitbike #fam #block #corner block
by Notachav May 24, 2015
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