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White suburban boy trying to act black. age: 13 - 19; some are really pathetic and are in their twentys! wears several size too big pants worn half down the ass; 2 pairs` of boxers so cutely displayed from behind. Bottom of pants many time (not a mis-print)yes tucked into the SHOE LACES!!! Shops Nike Fubu, Air Force. Most Wigga's attempt shootin some hoops.
100's of cd's in their cars - all hip hop without fail. Many times tey are semi-closeted wigga's; Their parents dont see the wigga in full bloom. They get those great gangsta accents AWAY from mom and Dad. " I got me sum binness wit a cupo phat home-girls , fittin ta get bizzy"

Lets not forgot those Bedroom slipper like Basketball slides always worn with dress socks. Normal girls they can never get. No-way No How. Black girls usually not. But wait! Yes , there is a female version of a Wigga!!! Gangsta chicks. mostly trampy little white ho's from the wrong side of the tracks. Of course being closeted little wigga's they cant bring a tramp back to Mommy and Daddy in the Burbs so they never really have a real girlfriend. There kind of locked in a middle school phase as far as dating. Maybe meet them at the mall or burger king or skate rink.
Say a little Prayer for the Wigga and light a candle that your kids dont wig out.....
I would not go out with him in a million years -He's a wigger
by not-a- home-girl January 25, 2009

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