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The coolest chick in the whole fucking world
Loralee is the coolest girl in the whole fucking world.
by Not telling February 19, 2005
Someone that gets around
Meigan is the town bicycle->everyone gets a ride!
by Not Telling May 14, 2003
Drinking beer which is poured through the crack of another's ass on the way to the drinker's mouth. Usually a fraternity ritual where the drinker lies on his back, a bare-assed brother crouches directly over the mouth of the drinker, and another brother pours the beer down the length of the croucher's ass.
Surprisingly, the new low carbohydrate beers retain much of their crispness when they are ass chugged.
by Not Telling December 05, 2003
most disgustin combo of evan Manashe and whitney jones
"omg that smell that horrible smell!!!"
by not telling August 29, 2004
Leads you to see naked girls on google images when u type in Akane
Look at google images for yourself
by not telling June 16, 2004
being really happy but depressed at the same time. showing people that you care.
Ruby practices rubyism!!!
by not telling September 26, 2003
A Swedish girl band who has 2 cds so far.
Song: Oh its us against the world-
by Not telling October 11, 2003

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