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Stupid, piece of shit team, they are so poor they only have 1 logo on their helmet, and their fans say "draws" instead of "undergarments". They are all god-damn hicks and stupid assholes, douchebags, shits, hoes, rednecks, cock-monkeys, and half the motha-fuckas have not even seen the shit-hole city of Pittsburgh. Who the fuck spells "Burg" with a fuckin 'H', are they fuckin retodded.
Guy1: Hey did you just jack-off?
Guy2:Yeah, why?
Guy1:Oh, just wipe it on that shitty "Stillers" helmet, god-damn hicks.
Guy2:Yeah! Fuck the Pitssburgh Steelers!

Pittsburghfan:Yee, i is loov those is are Stillers, i dose'nt even knows how that shitty even looks. Me and is my 2nd grade eduimacation, and me's sheventeen daughtos, fouteens shuns, foo donkey, and my 1 stowy house complete wath three bedgerooms.
Guyonstreet:Get a fuckin job you broke-ass, piece of shit!...Damn Pittsburgh Steelers fans.
by not broke-ass steelers fan September 22, 2007

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