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New Trier Township High School is a temple of beauty and love, whereas its neighboring school, Loyola, are stout Catholics who are too short to pull their big heads out of their even bigger asses. New Trier's large community accepts people from any race or background for who they are. The inferior school, Loyola, is full of outcasts who can't humble themselves to fit in with the majority. They sleep with their teachers just so they can have a chance at being as successful as New Trier graduates.
Guy 1: Damn! Those New Trier High School boats kicked ass! I'm glad we were smart enough to back out of a one-on-one competition with them!!
Guy 2: What about those girls?? I think I just died and went to heaven!
#smart #ass #heaven #damn #competition
by not a stuck-up bitch February 12, 2012
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