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The latest attempt by the US Government to curtail the rights of its citizens.
by Not Proud to be an American July 26, 2003
1. A phrase made up by George W. Bush and his cronies to eradicate any mention of the nation of France from the US.
2. Part of the radical attempt to segregate the French from the world.
3. An idiotic expression
If Congress is stupid enough to turn French Fries into Freedom Fries, it is stupid enough to make these transformations:

Turkey -> Independence Bird
Peking Duck -> Democracy Duck
Guinea Pig -> Freedom Pig
Hamburgers -> Liberty Meat
World -> America
Inspections -> War
Statesmanship -> War
Diplomacy -> War
Peace -> War
by Not Proud to be an American April 23, 2003
Part of a pathetic attempt to reduce France's status because it doesn't support an unjust and imperialistic war. Those who invented this term seem to have forgotten that France gave us the Statue of Liberty and a huge chunk of territory known as the Louisiana Purchase. Not to mention that America would still be a British colony if it weren't for the French. Come to think of it, the world would be better off if there wasn't any United States.
french fries -> freedom fries
french toast-> freedom toast
french kiss -> freedom kiss
peking duck -> democracy duck
guinea worm -> liberty worm
turkey -> independence bird
world -> America
inspections -> war
statesmanship -> war
diplomacy -> war
peace -> war
by Not Proud to be an American May 08, 2003
1. A country in western Europe, leading the political opposition to psycho-Bush and his coalition of supporters who are hated by their people.
2. Subject of a mathematical equation that measures intelligence:
France > America.
3. See smart.
by Not Proud to be an American March 21, 2003
The most facist moron ever to hold an American public office since ... well ... ever. Creator of many acts that curtail the civil rights of American citizens, and one who endorses the imprisonment and brutal treatment of people without charges.
If ASHCROFT walked into a room containing Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, bin Laden, and Nero, he would be right at home.
by Not Proud to be an American July 26, 2003
A term that applies to any actions designed to create fear among civilians. Terrorists are known to practice terrorism, which takes many forms, such as suicide bombing, hijacking of aircraft, shock & awe, the Patriot Act, and "orange alert".
Anybody can be a TERRORIST. Those who beat up, threaten, and vandalize the houses of Arab-Americans and French-Americans, for instance, are TERRORISTS.
by Not Proud to be an American May 08, 2003
The system that governs the world. A system of cheating, lying, and scandal. Coming from the phrase poly, meaning many, and ticks, meaning bloodsucking parasites.
by Not Proud to be an American April 23, 2003
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