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There is no C in the Hawaiian Language. It is spelled Pakalolo.
Lets go smoke thsi Pakalolo
by Not January 25, 2005
a person of obscure taste who enjoys cheesy music, dressing up and the sugar house.

People prone to be loud they are frequently noctournal and have to run to lectures

Someone who goes out once a week but still does the essay the night before
a sloath on some sort of narcotic; tickle me elmo;
by not April 20, 2004
something thats old, or olded, passé, seen it before, a has been.
- thats so gehin
- I saw that last week...
by not May 21, 2004
The undisputed master of freckles and big eyes. Frequently seen around and in eatpoo.
Damn thats hot, its totaly sundered.
by not May 03, 2004
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